Bringing Home The Silver!!!

Nicole Mendez takes home SIlver at her firtst National Womens Golden Gloves Tournament with Coaches Leo Tobares (left) and Javiel Centeno (right)

July 13, 2013: Dania Beach, FL – Nicole Mendez takes home Silver at her firtst National Womens Golden Gloves Tournament with Coaches Leo Tobares (left) and Javiel Centeno (right)

If you could put yourself in the shoes of Nicole Mendez leading up to the Womens National Golden Gloves for the first time you would probably be trying to find a way out of them.  With only 4 months of boxing training at Sweatbox Boxing & Fitness in Davie, FL, Nicole made the decision to put her body through some of the most arduous training and classes to prepare herself both physically and mentally.  Working full time and finding a way to train 5 and at times 6 days a week, proved the work ethic of this young pugilist and helped her coaches in their decision to allow her to compete in her first ever boxing event, let alone one of the biggest in womens boxing outside of Olympic competition.

Not only did Nicole surpass her coaches expectations in her first competition with her win on the first day of competition, she went on to show what most trainers could only hope for from any of their fighters in her Silver medal winning loss to Allie Edwards (Texas) in the championship fight for the 141lb title; heart, courage, perseverance and desire.  You can teach boxing, but you either have heart or you don’t and this young lady has undeniable HEART, COURAGE, PERSEVERANCE and DESIRE and everyone in attendance including family, friends, coaches and fellow fighters were their to witness it LIVE!

In other action Mariah Calero (141 lbs) fought a hard fought bout with Gold Medal winner Allie Edwards of Texas to bring home the Bronze medal and Pia Abraham losing her bout at 119 lbs to Tournamant Champion and future Olympian Melanie Costa of Massachussettes.

The Ladies of Sweatbox Boxing & Fitness have laid the groundwork for their own path and all future female athletes looking to enter the squared circle and study the Sweet Science under the tutelage of Leo Tobares and Javiel Centeno.

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