Online Personal Training

online personal training picI understand that not everyone can make it to the Sweatbox on a daily basis for whatever reason.  You may live too far or our Gym schedule just doesn’t jive with your work schedule.  Being very successful training people in person, I found my time was very limited to meet with as many people as possible. On top of that some people could simply not afford multiple sessions a week. I tried to think of a way to reach out to help more people and be cost effective to people. That’s why you now have this – ONLINE TRAINING!

This is basically how it works…


I send you a questionnaire to fill out. You tell me your goals, age, weight, gender etc… and send it back to me.


I take a look at everything you have sent me and develop a custom training program just for you. Not some cookie cutter generic program that a lot of companies send to everyone. This is YOUR program tailored for YOUR goals.


After taking a look at the program, we discuss it together and you ask any questions you may have.


You implement the plan! Now the fun begins! You will have a private portal that you will login to view your workouts and videos along with a private chat link.


Weekly we will discuss your progress via Skype to answer questions and review your program.  This way I can see how your workouts are going and if we need to change anything. If there needs to be changes I will tweak aspects of the program.