Boxing Fit Bootcamp Logo_2Boxing Fit Bootcamp: Our Boxing Fit Bootcamp sessions are the best around. This one hour bootcamp session provides an excellent full body workout combining the fundamentals of boxing training including skipping, punching bags, focus pads as well as core and strength exercises using dumbbells and medicine balls. This class is suitable for beginners to advanced and will teach you boxing combinations and technique as well as building your cardiovascular strength and increasing your overall stamina at the same time.  For more info Click Here

Corporate Boxing Fit Bootcamp Logo_1Corporate Boxing Fit Bootcamp:  We has over 10 years of corporate training experience and have successfully helped many businesses create healthier, happier work environments. The Sweatbox training environment created will help develop a closer bond between workers which enhances company productivity whilst also minimizing sick days. This is a great way for companies to give back to their employees while also helping their business environments become more productive.  For more info Click Here


GB+Amateur+Boxing+Championships+LV0cFHB_SrwlOlympic Style Boxing (Competition Program):  This class has been developed to train the most experienced fighter to the absolute novice in the Sweet Science of boxing.  Although this program is geared towards the competitive side of the sport, we often have members who just want to train like a fighter to obtain their fitness goals.  In this program you will be put through all the training elements that any professional or amateur fighter would go through in preparation for a fight.  Some contact is to be expected, competition is voluntary.  For more info Click Here

10174986_10204128644604961_578545161711693039_nProfessional Boxing: This program is for those professional fighters looking for a new home to hone their skills in an environment conducive to the combat athlete and further their careers with the services provided by our management team.  Professional Boxing Training and hosting your Training Camps at the Sweatbox are available.  For additional services click here.

8 Week Training Camp:  Students in our 8 Week Training Camp Boxing program will learn fundamental boxing techniques from experienced USA Boxing Certified Coaches.  After a solid foundation is built, students will learn how to spar in our boxing ring and prepare for the advanced level, where they can prepare for competitions if they desire. Not only will students gain knowledge in the art of boxing, our class-based training provides a positive outlet for beginners.  Increased focus, confidence, discipline and improvements in their everyday lives are just some of the benefits students will see as a result of boxing training.  For More Info click here.